What We Do

BI Logistics provides customized solutions detailed to your specific needs. This allows you to focus on your business needs while we focus on your logistics needs!

Evaluating and understanding our customers needs

In order to provide the necessary service our customer requires B I Logistics provides the best course of action for cost and efficiency.

Local Opportunity

Locally owned and operated in Green Bay and surrounding areas provides better customer service and time management.


Hospital/Clinc Labs
- Blood/Urine Labs
- Diagnostics Readings
- Clinical Specimen:

Specialized Temp Controlled/Incubated Specimens and Samples

- Pharmaceuticals
- Pathology labs
Hospital Equipment and Devices
- Hospital and Home Delivery

Legal/Law Enforcement

Legal Documents
- Business to Business
- Business to Residential
- Court Filings
- Legal Notices
- Mail
- Notary

Animal Labatory Specimens

- Fluid Specimens
- Vaginal/Endometrial Submissions
Clinical Pathology
- Blood Films
- Hemolysis
- Anaerobic Culture
- Fecal Culture
- Fungal Culture
- Culture and Sensitivity

Courier Services

Small Package Delivery
- 70 pounds and under
Freight Shipping
- 70-200 pounds, less then truck load
- Managed by Medium sized vehicle
- Same Day Delivery throughout WI
Commercial and Residential
- Priority Pickup & Delivery Same Day

Banking/Real Estate

Branch to Branch
- Interoffice Mail Delivery
- Closing Package Delivery
- Secure Mail Pickup and Drop Off
- Document Pickup and Delivery

Food Labatory Specimens

Microbiological Testing
- Growth Inhibition Specimens
- Inactivation Specimens
- Combination Specimens
- Bacterial Toxin Specimens
Shelf-Life Samples
- Organoleptic/Chemical Evaluation
- Accelerated Shelf Life
All Other
- Temperature Controlled:
- Ambiant
- Refrigeration
- Frozen


Commercial and Residential
- Pickup and/or Delivery of Mail
- Pickup and/or Delivery of Payroll
- Interoffice Mail Service


- Business to Business
- Business to Residential


Providing affordable shipping a cross Wisconsin and the midwest.

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